Why appointment only?

Power of the P's. Proper Planing Prevents Poor Performances. Accordingly, scheduled appointments help ensure a memorable experience. A general companion agency will have a large number of full-time ladies on call, to provide for last-minute meetings, which we believe is degrading. Elite women pursue all the career and opportunities that life affords them. As such, their schedules are not wide open, and they’re available by appointment only. 

The kind of clientele for whom we prefer to cater too generally include businessmen and professionals. Like everything in their lives, high profile, and successful men seek out the best. They like to indulge in a lavish style. He doesn’t like to rush, or make mistakes. Preparation time allows things to go more smoothly. Appointments build time for excitement and anticipation which all become part of the experience. Once a deposit has been retained, a prior phone call can help make the night with the expected company's go much smoother, or even help decide that, that particular model may not be for you. We want you to be excited and connected with your anticipated date. 

 A successful model has regular photo shoots and castings to attend. Beautiful companions will have auditions or obligations to a full time job. Gorgeous career women and other career professionals are all unavailable at some point in their lives. Models are providing their companionship to you in their free time.

Some are captivated by their business and career engagements, with great ambition. Others will be booked up with personally enriching activities; music lessons, dance classes, gym, friends, travel, shows, having beauty treatments, reading, working on some project. Even the committed college girl academics are studying and enhancing their lives with investments in themselves. So the high class travel companions’ leisure time with you needs to be arranged when she has a window. And she thoroughly enjoys that chance to escape every day life and float away with you!

In consideration of the above, the people with whom we work, appointments are absolutely necessary. You can request a reservation, and the model who agrees to accept your date makes herself available for you. Or we will consult with you and let you know which models will be available for your desired experience. When one of the gorgeous models accepts an invitation for a date, she takes it seriously. She has the time to book a hairdresser and makeup artist at her own expense, and plan an afternoon of beauty and grooming. She attends to every detail so she is physically and mentally prepared & refined. Then she can meet with you for a mutually enjoyable and magical engagement. There are very few high class models at this level who are available without notice. Although occasionally a shorter notice meeting can occur if one of her regular callers happens to need her for a business dinner. Ultimately it depends on the model's ability to get away at her discretion to do so.

Hopefully this sufficiently explains what “Appointment Only’ entails, and will allow our potential new clients to conduct themselves with that in mind. Please take advantage of our well-kept scheduling, to ensure your date is always ready for you when you require her on your arm. When you allow a minimum of 2-4 days’ notice, it allows us to arrange someone locally. When you allow 6-10 days, we can arrange the ideal experience.  Less than 24 hours notice, is limited to previous clients who are having repeat a experience and as always is at the discretion of the model

To add a further note, it’s very often about respect also. One makes appointments to meet with most other professionals, respecting their time and expertise. You probably appreciate and respect business people making appointments with you when you’re busy. Perhaps you even appreciate friends arranging catch up time with you, not just calling you and saying ‘I want to see you for lunch in 20 minutes’. We all run our lives to some kind of schedule, and we all have commitments. Time is more often than not rather short for the successful individual, and things need to be planned wherever possible.

If you’re the on the fly kind of person, who just goes for spontaneity, it will greatly take away from the experience . A gentleman will always defer to a lady’s preference within reason, and our ladies prefer a proper invitation to a date. Thank you for your consideration on that. We think this is a reasonable request. Most of our gentlemen have no problem honoring that; in fact most of them prefer it.


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Having the right girl by your side, can make all the difference.

 We require all our models and clientele to undergo a background checks. No criminal records involving fraud or violence. We also require all clientele and models to undergo an Adult Education Course regarding the relevant industries standards and acceptable practices. 

ME has a very exclusive clientele list, and unfortunately not everyone is a gentleman, respectful, genuine, and holds themselves to the chivalrous standards. Our models are not objects, and should be treated with the utmost respect. A brief interview, we be held to determine your state of mind. Please respect the process as it is protects the sanctity of what ME is trying to provide. 

Please download and complete the form below to complete our screening and interview process. 



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